Sandisk MicroMate SDHC Memory Card Reader

 Recently I bought a 16 gb SanDisk SDHC memory card for my digital video camera so I would be able to record longer movies, transfer larger files etc. but I found that it wasn’t compatible with my 3 year old computer’s integrated SD memory card reader. It took me a while to find a standalone memory card reader that was capable of reading my SD, micro SD, SDHC and micro SDHC memory cards (the micro sd and SDHC with the standard memory card adapter, which came with them).

sandisk sdhc memory card reader
 I am happy to say that the SanDisk Micro Mate SD/SDHC Memory Card Reader that I purchased from a seller at Amazon works like a real charm.  I received the card reader with fast shipping and in excellent condition. I opened the package and inserted the SDHC card reader into the hi-speed USB port on the front of my computer and then plugged my SDHC memory card into it with no difficulty whatsoever. Seconds later, I was transferring my files onto my computer like a wild woman.

  It’s a lot faster than trying to transfer photos from my cameras internal memory card reader and annoying software. It is also great for transferring files from my home computer to my office computer. I’ve found that it also works well with my older standard SD and SD Micro memory cards, which is a real treat.
    The only thing I would change would be to put the lanyard hole on the card reader instead of the cap. I would rather lose the cap than the reader itself. I expect this is just another  case of form over function but not a real problem.

In the long run, I must say that I am in love my SanDisk Micro Mate SD/ SDHC Memory Card Reader. It works as advertized, it matches my computer’s other accessories and it is a cute little gadget.

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  1. I absolutely adore this memory card reader. I also recently purchased a 16 gb memory card and the sandisk micromate works great